Enchanted Cavern

Enchanted Cavern

Enchanted Cavern is a great jewel puzzle game ideal for kids
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Under the main page screen you will find an options section where you will be able to configure general options like music, sound and screen view, as well as mouse customization and tips.
Enchanted Cavern is an easy to play puzzle game, where you will have to click over groups of at least 3 similar jewels in order to destroy them, but you will have to pay attention on the spaces they lay over because the real objective of the game is to crush the jewels that rest over dark spaces. Once the dark spaces have been removed from the board the level will be done. Pay attention to the time, because when it finishes you lose, also depending on how much time is left when you finish each level you will be ranked in four different positions. Also search for special bonus jewels, they can blow up everything around them, so they are quite useful.
All you need in order to play Enchanted Cavern is your mouse and skills.
Each level presents different sublevels, so this game comes with a great amount of different boards and scenarios.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Great graphics and animations, and the game is easy to play


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